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The world is meant to be colorful and bright

LittleBigbit offers custom nursery artwork, swaddles and home decor, hand tailored to your imagination. With whismical, bold, colorful designs that are sure to delight -- there is something for everyone. Each piece is illustrated and painted by hand -- so no two are exactly alike!

I'm Helena, nice to meet you!

I am the artist behind LittleBigbit. 

A little bit about me: 

I live in Massachusetts with my husband and daughter. I've been drawing and creating stories since childhood. What started out as a hobby has now become a passion and wonderful job that is far from work!

Formerly called Helena Picard Artwork, LittleBigbit has grown from a collection of nursery room artwork to a full collection of nursery decor and textiles. Artwork, swaddles, fabrics... the list keeps growing!

The studio name LittleBigbit comes from a nickname my grandfather used to call me. I was Littlebit and he was Bigbit. The name LittleBigbit is a mashup of the two- I may now be a Bigbit myself, but will forever be his Littlebit. 

I love working with people on custom designs. I love hearing your stories and what's special to you. I incorporate those elements into the illustrations and paintings, giving you a unique approach to a special piece of art. 

Take a look around and let me know if you have any questions. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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I believe:

Everyone can be creative

When we're younger our  imagination is open, curious and explorative.

The ideas never seem to end!

As we get older we tend to get more serious and let that magic get buried. 

That magic creativity is right below the surface -- we just have to reach out and explore again!

Custom Creations are

oh so special 

I believe there's no better gift than something you've had a hand in making. 

You've thought about the person, who they are and what they like.

People love receiving something special and unique that no one else has.


These special gifts will be cherished for years to come. 

there's always more

to learn

There's always something more to know, some new idea to explore, more knowledge to be gained. 

I incorporate facts and little

tidbits of knowledge into my stories so that you are always learning!

There's so many interesting things to learn about the world and universe -- never stop exploring!

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