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You've been booed!

This Halloween definitely feels different from years before. For one, I’ve been home with my daughter for endless months, so most days are the same. So I’ve been excited for the month of October to come because it provides a break in the monotony, a chance to decorate the house, bake some spooky cookies, carve a pumpkin and switch up the routine a little! My daughter has been having so much fun doing projects with leaves and pumpkins this month, it’s really nice to have a theme for the month.

Will you be trick or treating? I know lots of towns are choosing to forego trick or treating this year. It’s a tough spot for people to be in, I know many of us want our kids to feel normal after so much change. Our state is starting to see a quick rise in cases, so we will not be participating in trick or treating this year. However, we can still spread plenty of Halloween fun around our neighborhood!

We are going to be boo’ing (and boo'zing) our neighbors this month and I’m so excited!

I’ve seen a few variations of this and decided to roll a few of my favorite things (surprises, lettering, and coloring) into one.

There’s nothing better than surprising someone and making them feel special! We could all use a little something to cheer us up these days and this is a simple to do, fun gift.

I’ve templated out two blank cards for you to print out at home. A kids one- "You've been Boo'ed" and an adult "You've been Boozed" version.

Print out the cards and color them in. Fill a bag with some Halloween goodies- I chose candy, Halloween stamps, glow sticks, and other fun finds at the Dollar store. (Adult version- include wine, beer, whiskey- whatever you think your neighbors will enjoy!). Affix the card to the bag with some tape and then wait until you know your neighbors are home. Drop the bag at their door and ring the doorbell and run (or back up at least 6 feet and say boo)! They have a fun time trying to figure out who boo'ed them!

Do you have any other things you are doing to make this Halloween extra special? Let me know in the comments below!

You've been Booed! Download:

Download PDF • 307KB

You've been Boozed! Download:

Download PDF • 234KB

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