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Night sky Moon tutorial

I can't believe October is almost over. It even snowed yesterday! I had to break out the shovels and snow boots. 2020 is sure keeping us on our toes.

The sky was so cool last night. I love snowy sunsets, the way the sun sets and the moon pokes through the clouds is always so cool to see. I felt inspired to paint the sky last night- and thought I'd share a tutorial!

Step 1: Gather your Tombow dual brush pens, choose your colors and draw a circle

I chose to do a blue/green sky (colors 173, 452, 493, 555). Other great color options: pinks mixed with yellows, purples mixed blues- the great thing about painting the sky is that you can really create what you want because it's always changing!

Step 2: Lay down your color

If you've been following awhile you know I love bright, bold colors. So I laid down a lot of colors to make the sky really pop.

Step 3 (my favorite part!): Add water

Watch the ink swirl and blend. Add more water, drag the ink until you're happy with the outcome. Watch it as it dries and add more water as needed.

Check out that fabulous color blend!

So pretty and fun!

Step 4: Add moon detailing

Moons are so fun to create because they only need a couple of colors and a few dots. Then add water like step 3 and let the ink do its thing. Use only a little bit of eater at a time for this step, let dry, and add more ink as needed.

And there you have it! A super simple yet bright and fun night sky. Show me yours in the comments!

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