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How to: Draw an autumnal tree

I love this time of year in New England- The leaves are starting to change colors, the world is awash in hues and the late Fall sunsets are incredible. The trees are all an amazing array of colors- yellows, oranges, red, burnt browns... it always leaves me in awe that these trees can be so many different colors. So I thought I'd share with you all a tutorial of how to draw an autumnal tree. It's super easy!

Step 1: Outline your tree

Separate sections of the tree, so as you're filling it in you can alternate colors to provide more depth.

I'm using Tombow Dual brush pens for the color. They are water-based and very vibrant.

Step 2: Color Step 3: Add water Step 4: Continue Darker colors need less area, Start with a little bit of water, adding water and

the color with cover more. add more as needed. blending as needed.

You can always add more

dark color as you go!

Step 5: Trunk Detailing

Once you're happy with your leaves, wait for the ink to completely dry (or it'll bleed into the tree trunk!).

Use a light and a dark brown color to provide shading.

Final step:

Add outline detail

using a fine tipped black

pen. Be loose with your

leaf outline, you do not

need to fill in every leaf-

scatter your black outline

throughout the tree!

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